Achtung Geister, die Ghostbusters machen euch bald auch als Playmobil Figuren Jagd auf euch!

I ain´t afraid of no Ghost – Mit diesem Spruch machen die Geisterjäger schon seit den 80er Jahren auf sich aufmerksam und zogen neben drei Kinofilmen, mehreren Animationsserien auch haufenweise Actionfiguren mit sich. Selbst Lego widmete mehrere Sets den Ghostbusters und nun gibt es auch Unterstützung aus Deutschland, denn Playmobil hat sich die Rechte an Ghostbusters gesichert!

Bereits ab Mai 2017 dürften Playmobil-Fans auf Geisterjagd gehen. Sechs Sets mit einer Preisspanne von 7€ bis 75€ sollten für jeden Geldbeutel etwas parat haben. Anbei gibt es neben einem Ankündigungsteaser auch erste Fotos der Sets in unserer Galerie. Worauf wartet Ihr, packt die Geisterfallen ein und schnappt Euch Eure Protonenpacks!

  • Ecto-1 (with Winston and Janine) $49.15/£40.25/€45
  • Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (with Ray) $21.84/£17.89/€20
  • Slimer with hot dog stand $17.48/£14.31/€16
  • Firehouse (with Peter, Janine, Egon and Vinz Clortho) $80.83/£67.08/€75
  • Venkman and Terror Dogs (and Zuul) $13.11/£10.73/€12
  • Spengler and Ghost $7.65/£6.26/€7

(Zirndorf, Germany) June 21, 2016 – The popular toy brand PLAYMOBIL and Sony Pictures Consumer Products announced today a licensing collaboration for a toy line based on the original Ghostbusters brand. PLAYMOBIL’s 2017 product line will be its first ever to include licensed playsets inspired by famous entertainment properties. The new Ghostbusters toys will hit the market worldwide in 2017.

The introduction of these new playsets brings together two epic classics, PLAYMOBIL and Ghostbusters, both known for their continued appeal and success over decades. More than 30 years after the release of the first movie, the team of parapsychologists, facing ghosts with their cool gear and undying humor, remains popular with fans from the early days while also attracting a growing community of new, young fans, making it a perfect match for PLAYMOBIL. Produced by one of Europe’s leading toy manufacturers for over 40 years, PLAYMOBIL toys are loved and respected by both children and parents alike. Understanding the importance of creative role play, PLAYMOBIL pays great attention to detail and creates intricate and fun toys that spark children’s imagination around the world.

Beginning in early summer 2017, PLAYMOBIL’s Ghostbusters will be out to save “the world in miniature,” as the PLAYMOBIL universe of 30 different play themes is often called. The toy line will bring the iconic Ghostbusters to life at home, enabling kids to create their own stories starring their favourite characters. No matter where strange happenings are taking place – whether in the neighborhood or at the PLAYMOBIL Knights’ Castle – the fearless team will be ready to tackle any supernatural spirits that come their way!

”We are thrilled to be collaborating with Sony Pictures to launch this new range of toys. The Ghostbusters sets will enrich our play system and enable an entirely new play experience,” says Silke Heinrich, Member of the Executive Board at PLAYMOBIL. “This licensed line of toys is an important milestone for our brand, which will make new and long-standing fans even more excited about PLAYMOBIL. It’s like building a bridge between kids and their parents, who both love the epic stories of their PLAYMOBIL and Ghostbusters heroes.”


geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & Co. KG – headquartered in Zirndorf, Germany – is the producer of PLAYMOBIL and known for premium toy quality “made in Europe”. The 7.5 cm tall PLAYMOBIL figure is the cornerstone of this creative toy system, and is an internationally award-winning product. The imaginative role play opportunities, integrated with a variety of historical and modern play themes is fascinating to children and highly valued by parents and educational practitioners alike. Since its launch in 1974, 2.9 billion PLAYMOBIL figures have been produced. The company distributes its toy system, consisting of around 30 different play themes, in more than 100 countries and employs more than 4,100 people. Worldwide turnover for the Brandstätter Group reached 616 million Euros in 2015. PLAYMOBIL’s certified high quality is guaranteed by using company owned European production sites in Germany, Malta, the Czech Republic and Spain. Since 2000, the innovative company has also been producing the LECHUZA brand of high-quality plastic planters with sub-irrigation system.


Natürlich werden wir die Sets für Euch auf unserem Youtube-Kanal genauer unter die Lupe nehmen 😉
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