Hollywoot, what r u doin???

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Hollywoot, what r u doin???

Beitragvon Skylynx » Mi 15. Mär 2017, 21:58

Die Filmemacher in Hollywood treffen häufig mal völlig bescheuerte Entscheidungen. Aktuell plant man einen Reboot der Matrix Reihe, ohne Keanu, ohne die Wachowskis.
http://www.slashfilm.com/whoa-the-matri ... achowskis/
The Matrix was a gamechanging sci-fi action movie for a number of reasons, from the introduction of slow-motion bullet time action sequences to an original mind-blowing narrative that audiences became obsessed with to the point that two back-to-back sequels were released four years later, six months apart from each other. Now, The Matrix is in the early stages of getting some kind of reboot, revival, relaunch or whatever you want to call it.
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